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Which Rid O' Rust Formula Do you Use?

STEP ONE: Test the well water.

  • The measurement of well water's acidity (or alkalinity) is termed "pH". Neutral pH is 7.0. A reading lower than 7.0 is to the acidic side, a reading higher than 7.0 to the alkaline side.
  • Hardness is measured in grains per gallon (gpg). We consider well water measuring 15 gpg or more relatively "hard".
  • Iron content is measured in part per million (ppm). One part per million (1ppm) will produce a noticeable rust stain in a month.


STEP TWO: Choose proper formula.

  • For "acidic" well water measured at a pH of 6.0 or lower, you MUST use Rid O' Rust Rust Extreme Water Concentrate 2X  - RR2-1
  • For "hard" well water measuring in the 15-20 gpg range or higher, we recommend Rid O' Rust Rust Preventer 2X Concentrated - RR1to prevent rust  and Rid O' Rust Calcium and Scale Preventer Concentrate RRC-1to prevent calcium.
  • For the majority of applications, Rid O' Rust Rust Preventer 2X Concentrated - RR1will do the job.




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