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Softener and Point of Use Filter Loading Media Guide.

1) Upon arrival, immediately inspect equipment. Without delay, contact shipper if there are any damaged or missing packages.

2) Read and understand all instructions prior to star.

3) Place the Mineral Tank ( typically a fiberglass wrapped plastic tank with a small threaded opening on top) on a dry flat surface with plenty of clearance in every direction.

4)Confirm that the Distributor Assembly is undamaged and centered in the mineral tank. Many tanks have a centering spot in the bottom that will allow the Distributor Assembly to fall into the proper position.

5)The inside of the Distributor should be covered with a tapered rubber plug. If it is not there, simply cover the Distributor so that nothing will go into the pipe when pouring the media. Tape is often used for this purpose.


6)Using the Funnel supplied with the equipment, pour small amount of the first media. Some units may have one type of media, others more than one. If there is more than one media, the bags should be clearly marked, but if you are not sure about the loading order, please contact us. Check that the distributor is still in the correct position. Continue to pour the remainder of the media into the tank, stopping frequently to confirm the proper position of the distributor. Failure to adhere to this procedure may result in the distributor being lifted out of the proper position and requiring the tank to be emptied and the process started again from the beginning. 

7)If there is more than one media, pour each subsequent type of media into the tank following the guidelines in the previous section for checking the proper distributor position.

8)Removed whatever was used  to cover the Distributor Pipe, The pipe should be clean and centered in the tank opening.

9)Make sure the top of the Mineral Tank is flat and clean. Lubricate and wipe with water the o-ring on the bottom of the Control Valve (or Tank head). Be careful not to cross thread the unit. By holding the valve level with the tank and slowly turning it counter-clockwise, the valve will simply fall into the proper starting position. Then the valve can easily be turned in a clock-wise direction, making sure it remains level, until tightened. Firmly hand tighten.

You are now ready to complete the installation. Follow the included instructions and contact us with any questions.





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