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        How to apply Rid O' Rust Stain Prevention Formula?

To figure out the dosage for Rid O Rust Rust or Calcium Prevention products, you will need to know the following information.

Flow rate in gallons per minutes (GPM)

Determining Flow Rate: We measure irrigation system flow in gallons per minute (gpm). What is the maximum flow rate of your irrigation system in gallons per minute? Please ask your irrigation specialist or feel free to estimate.

Estimating Flow Rate: To estimate your flow rate you will need to determine what your largest zone is. This would be the zone with the most sprinkler heads. Count up the number of heads in that zone and multiply that number by 3. This is the number you will use for this section.

Gallon per day of the Pump

Stenner Pumps have a plate on the side of the base. The Gallon Per Day (GPD) of the pump is listed in the lower right hand box on this plate. Use this number for your calculations and ensure that if you have an adjustable rate pump, that the arrow is pointing to the 5 (50%).

Neptune Pumps have a plate on the back and have to be identified by their part number. PZ31 is an 11 GPD pump and the PZ61 is a 22 GPD pump. Use this number for your calculations and ensure that the dial is set to 5 (50%).

LMI Pumps have a plate on the back and have to be identified by their model number. P03 is a 10 GPD pump and the P05 is a 24 GPD pump. Use this number for your calculations and ensure that the dial is set to 5 (50%).

Tank Size

30 gallon tanks are the size of a brine tank or utility trash can and have a drain spout on the bottom. 65 gallon tanks are large transparent tanks with a lid that looks like a "flying saucer." 100 gallon tanks are very large and look like an igloo with a black lid on top.

Iron Level (ppm) and Water Hardness (gpg)

Unfortunately this isnít something we can guesstimate. You must have your water tested to find this out. You can purchase a do it yourself  water test kit at http://www.yourwaterneeds.com/FS_TestKit.asp

Once you have all the information, please go to the manufacturer website to use the dosage calculator 



Our Feeder Systems.

Siphoning Feeder Systems: 24 Gallons per Day. 15 and 30 gallons tank available.

Injection Feeder Systems: 5 and 10 GPD available, 30 gallons feed tank.

For more information in our feeder systems go to Iron Out Feeder Systems 





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